Which style trends will bring in the new year – and which হবে budget হবে should be eliminated

New year, new you? That attempt began in the bathroom. Now is the time to clear the trends that are slowing down, to make room for what is landing. The slate doesn’t need to be thoroughly cleaned, but there are definitely some style trends that have ended their days (of course after meeting their fast fashion objectives).

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Ready to clear some space? This guide simplifies the trends of the last few seasons.

4 Keep the style trend

1. Put on your wide leg pants

Skinny jeans and slim silhouettes are a serious break, so keep high-waisted, wide-legged trousers and their cropped cousins. You can double the full range of wide-legged – from a 90’s inspired flare jean to a structured, cropped trouser that’s conservative enough to wear to the office.

If a wide-leg seems unbalanced to you, try combining your loose pants with a form-fitting top. If you dare, you can also give a bralette as a top this season.

Woman wearing wide leg pants

Shown above are Stradivarius wide leg, ASOS Relaxed Dad Pants, priced at $ 32.

2. Keep your sheer

Clothing with sleeves or panels will reign next month. Thank God, because I have a sheer-sleeved top that I absolutely love. And a dress with sheer panels is the answer to mixing sexual appeal with decency.

So take out those sheer-paneled pieces and wear them proudly. These are usually a good choice at night, but can also work in your daylight. For something different, try a sheer-sleeved top paired with jeans as a fun mix of dressy and casual. Pick it up at ord 65 on Nordstrom.

Close up of a woman wearing a mere tartan top.

All should be sheer solid colors, either. The top from City Chick comes in a red tartan pattern – a head-turning pick that you can easily wear over a black camouflage or bralette. Get it from Nordstrom for 65.

3. Keep your loafers

Your favorite loafers may also be in your rotation for the foreseeable future – as long as they have a heel. (Discard your heeled loafers, including your heeled sneakers, when you donate.) You’ll see lots of new additions to loafers this season, including color, log heels, and metallic embellishments. Still, your classic loafers are still on point. If you want to update them, add a metal chain for some glitter

Close-up of black loafer shoes with metal curb chain.

If you like Punk Rock Vibe, you can invest a modest 50 in BCBG carb chain loafers. I wore them with something soft, like a sweater and a feminine scarf.

4. Keep your puffer

Puffers will continue to be a fashion statement this year, although the trend is leaning towards creative interpretations of the style. You will see puffers in bright, summer colors and patterns, and puffers with long or short hemlines. If you want to wear your original black puffer from years past, pair it with a bold scarf to update the look.

Model wearing neon yellow puffer coat.

Adidas puffer coat in neon yellow shows the evolution of this style. Puffers are no longer appropriate clothing – they are a true fashion statement in their own right.

3 style trends for leisure

1. Retire your oversized top

Oversized tops were popular last year – but their reign is coming to an end. The 2022 style is to show off your shape, whatever it is. Think sleek and sexy, such as form-fitting tops, crops, short hemlines, shears and cutouts.

If you have a few large button-down or hanging sockets, save them to layer on the bralette (as in the picture above from ASOS) or save them until the baggy look is restored.

Collage of three budget fashion clothes.

Shop Byrnie for high fashion at low prices.

2. Leisure your mini bag

Those mini bags hang very long for about a second. After all, what is a bag that only contains one travel size lipstick?

Give those mini bags to a little girl with a doll collection Then splurge on a stylish tote that will hold your lipstick, phone and wallet.

3. Give your tie-dye a break

Well, it was fun to see the tie-dye grow and become more sophisticated from its 1980s roots. But alas, the tie-dye trend has once again darkened. Hold those tie-dye pieces for another decade or more. Next year, the color will be fully saturated and solid – darker in a more intentional way than tie-dye.

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