What is picture spam on Instagram and how to report it

If you’ve been to this corner of the internet, you’ve probably found some recent spam pictures for Instagram. Don’t worry, though. This is a common occurrence among users, and we’re here to help you resolve your spam issues

Before we tell you all about how to stop photo spam on Instagram (hey, that rhyme!), We’re going to make you a spam pro. We’ll talk about the symptoms of a fake account, tell you all about the Finesta incident, and how to keep spamming away from your account as much as possible. By the time you finish this article, you will be able to detect fake accounts and bots from miles away, almost having your X-ray vision.

Let’s start talking about what photo spam is and why people do it. Whip and enjoy the ride!

What is picture spam, and why do people do it?

Suppose you read another of our articles on spam, our spam comments on Instagram, and a guide on how to remove fake followers on Instagram. In that case, you know that spammers are a very common occurrence on social media platforms. Apps like Insta try to control some of the damage, but bots and those who create them keep finding new and original ways to invade your privacy.

One of those ways is through spam photos. If you’ve already followed our guidelines on custom keywords selected for Instagram to detect spam comments, disable comments, or still accept spam in the form of images, there’s a reason. Spam photo is a spamming technique where a spam message is distributed in the form of a photo. These unsolicited messages try to block spam filters designed to identify specific keywords. An Instagram user can easily read a picture, whereas the Instagram anti-spam system cannot.

So why do people do it? Adolescents create an astonishing amount of fake accounts (also called Finstas, a wordplay on “fake” and “insta”). Ever since Instagram introduced a feature that allows users to link different accounts to a major profile, Finstas has boomed. The secondary account is sometimes created for a specific inner circle of friends, where teens can share pictures and inappropriate posts and keep content away from their parents. Sometimes, Finstas is used for stacking, but in most cases, it is an account created specifically for bullying or spam.

Other types of photo spam can occur when people use the same password for their Instagram accounts and other social media profiles and are hacked. A hacker may start using your personal account to spam others. You may not even notice it at first. All of a sudden, you posted a picture on your feed inviting someone to a fake Ray-Ban website with a supposedly huge discount (yes, that’s a fact).

You’ve even spammed your friends’ comments section or sent some spam messages asking them to subscribe to a suspicious service. Or maybe you just got the spam picture? Or maybe the photo you received is so credible that you’re not sure if it’s spam Spammers tend to navigate your profile from popular hashtags. They start spamming when they notice that you are interested in makeup or shoes. If this has happened to you, now is the time to talk about how to identify a fake Instagram account.

How to recognize a fake account on Instagram?

Once you know which clear red flags to look for, you’ll be able to detect finastas, spammers and phishing miles in advance. Here are some of the suspicious signs that help eradicate counterfeiters:

  • Incredibly generic bio – Once you tap into a spam account to check their biography, you know something is off. Your grandmother could have written a better bio.
  • Tumbleweed of the post – Noticing too few posts? Although some people don’t use Instagram, one or two posts with suspiciously random photos and extra filters used simply shout, “Report me!”
  • Many have followers, not followers – What’s that? Users are following many accounts but very few are following them. If a real person uses the app properly, it is not.
  • Recent Accounts – Some spam accounts are very recent. Check out their posts, and if they haven’t been around for a long time, they’re definitely made for Instagram spam.
  • Pronounced username – If their username seems completely obscene or contains a lot of numbers or weird symbols, you can be sure you’re working with a fake account.
  • Irrelevant Comments – Spammers also get spam comments! Usually by their victims in the comments section, as a sign for future goals. If you check out their comments section and see many Instagram accounts calling it fake, you must report and block them.

Speaking of reporting and blocking, let’s show you how to get the juicy revenge you’ve always been waiting for!

How do I report and block a profile on Instagram?

How to block spammers

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Go to the Spam Instagram profile with the last spam message they sent, or alternatively search for their username in the Search tab.

Step 3: Tap the three dots to the right of their username.

Screenshot Instagram is reporting an account in the Three Dots menu

Step 4: Select “Block”.

Screenshot Reporting an account in the Instagram block menu

Step 5: You can choose to “block” [username] And they create new accounts ”or simply block them.

How to report spammers

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Go to your Instagram spam profile via your message list, or search for their name in the Search tab

Step 3: Tap the three dots next to their username.

Screenshot Instagram is reporting an account in the Three Dots menu

Step 4: Click on “Report”

Screenshot Reporting an account in the Instagram Report menu

Step 5: Then choose between “Report Account” or “Report Post, Message and Comment” depending on your preference.

How to get better protection for your account

If you think you’ve been bombarded with spam messages and spam comments lately, your profile may need better protection, especially if you try to block, report and restrict profiles. A helpful tool that you can use which we sincerely recommend SpamGuard.

Spam Guard protects and cleans your Instagram account in a few simple steps. You can use it directly from your browser. All you have to do is type in your Instagram handle and start analyzing them for free. This will show you the number of spam and inactive accounts that are currently associated with your account in any way (via comments, notifications, etc.).

Spam Guard will help you to block and delete these unwanted accounts without having to manually. This will save you time and provide the privacy and security you deserve! Just follow the link and start your safe social media journey!

Before you head out

We hope our guide to Spam Pictures for Instagram has helped you, and you now know how to report and block annoying users. If you are struggling with other types of spam activity, you may be interested in our other guides that help solve similar problems.

You can like our spam comments in the Instagram guide, or if you have a Twitter, check out our article “How to remove followers on Twitter”.

I wish you safe browsing!

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