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I’m shopping for stylish beachwear because – after two years near home – I have a real holiday on the calendar! Oops!

Hopefully, you’ll also get some R&R shots this spring or summer. After all, the holidays are good for you. Research links downtime with improved mental and physical health. Also, a vacation involves other fun things for your trip – such as shopping destinations, hotels and (duh) clothes. And since I’m going to a beach in Mexico, I’m in the market for some spicy, flirty pieces that I can wear from the pool to the bar.

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Trend color

I wanted to be tactful about my vacation clothing shopping, so I mentioned Pantone’s Spring / Summer 2022 NYFW Palette and Core Classic Palette for some color inspiration. The colors below that caught my eye first.

Six colored swatch on a beach background.

Blues, greens and pale beige make up the “camouflage” palette of the beach, right? These colors are easy to find and easy to wear. But then the rich red poinsettia stands so beautifully beside that soft color. If nothing else, a red-orange nail polish or lip color might be the bold dash I need this season.

Because I was late …

I recently moved from St. Louis to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe is a beautiful place, but the sight of buying clothes is not great. Santa Fe’s fashion outlets are a sad, secluded place with a handful of stores and an optometry office and a bunch of Tesla charging stations. You will definitely see a tumbleweed or two rolling through the parking lot on a spring day.

All that is to say is that my favorite store is online these days. And, since I’ve been badly delayed, I don’t have time to shop for fashion shops in Romway, Shane and other offshore budgets directly before I’m airborne. (Although here’s a pro-budget buyer’s tip: you can find those low-priced brands on Amazon with Quick Prime Shipping.)

I found some beautiful pieces in those trendy colors on Amazon, Pretty Little Thing and Venus. Below is a list of my six best beach wear.

Short list of beach wear

1. Jumpsuit

Models wear aqua beach wear jumpsuits.

This beach jumpsuit from Lacuzzi ($ 34) is fun, flirtatious and casual. I love the tapered leg, tie waist and tank straps – these features make this jumpsuit a real day-to-night alternative. The aqua color is also perfectly beach-inspired.

2. Two pieces tropical

Beach Coverups 1

What about a fun tropical dress that works in three, perhaps the trending color of four seasons? The Floerns ’two-piece set costs $ 37 and is sure to turn heads on the sand or pool. Add a floppy hat and big sunny and you can go to town for some shopping like an A-lister.

Collage of three budget fashion clothes.

Shop Byrnie for high fashion at low prices.

3. Beach swing dress

On the beach the model wears a swing dress with navy blue and white pattern.

Here is another beach part which is doubled as a valid garment. This beautiful navy swing dress has a slim shape in the right place and thanks to the construction of rayon / spandex. Find it on Venus.com and make it yours at $ 34

4. Convertible beach dress / skirt

The model wears white and orange beach coverup in front of the sea.

Another variation of Venus is this convertible beach skirt / dress. Two pieces in one is always a bonus. (Add a white triangle top and you have a glamorous two-piece set.) Also, the features of the dress are the red-orange color of the season in a presentation that is not irresistible.

The price is also excellent, at $ 29, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

5. Float short dress

The model wears a green beach cover in front of a beige background.

Floating, forgiving, and dramatic is how I describe this cover up from Pretty Little Thing. A plunging neckline, front tie, and bold sleeves set this beach dress apart from the rest. Add it to your leisure attire for $ 42.

6. Statement maxi dress

The model wears a pale beige beach wear dress with long skirt and long sleeves.

When shopping for beachwear for women you will find many variations of maxi dresses. But finding a maxi as interesting as this one is difficult.

Although this piece empties a lot of skin, it will do it in a balanced, flattering way. Side cutouts, deep necklines, and long, loose sleeves naturally create proportions (or show off your hot body if you’re already curved in all the right places).

Buy this dress at Pretty Little Thing for 48. I usually have a splurge item on my list and that’s it.

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