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The beginning of a new year gives birth to all kinds of inspiration in our lives. All you have to do is look at your IG feed to prove it. Everyone is optimistic about taking a new approach, leaving behind the negative energy of the past year.

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A fresh start can take many forms. You can get a new hairstyle, a new lip color, or – my favorite technique – do some January sales shopping for a wardrobe refresh.

January sales usually offer great discounts on winter pieces, such as long boots, wool coats and chunky sweaters. Your favorite retailers are cleaning up autumn / winter collections to make room for spring and summer. For example, if you have a chic sweater or a comfortable coat on your list of favorites, it is almost foolish to wait. They identify, man! Now is the time.

Also, a good, holiday-like sale is just as good an excuse to look for new looks and styles that you haven’t considered before. Here are a few pieces I like to start your year on the right foot.

January Sales Shopping: What to Buy

1. A wear-everywhere blazer

Pinstripe blazers are on sale at Nordstrom in January.

For those intervening days when snow and ice have not yet fully formed, you need something like this Pinstripe Blazer from Free People to visit. It’s superb and comfortable – that is, when you don’t have miles below. Oh, and this blazer is now 40% off! The normal price is $ 168, but Nordstrom marked it at $ 99).

Most of us wear this blazer on casual days over white tees and jeans. When you’re out in the office, wear a blazer with tailored pants and a blouse.

2. A fun sweatshirt

Rebecca Minkoff's striped sweatshirt goes on sale in January.

You may be leaving some things in the new year, but your interest in wearing comfortable winter loungewear is probably not going anywhere.

You can stay in full sweat and joggers mode on the weekends, you can easily decorate even your most low-key look by swapping a basic top for this Rebecca Minkoff striped sweatshirt. The drop shoulder and a dark pink-and-green combo blend perfectly with the comfort and style of the moment.

You can now pick up this designer piece at a discount of $ 59, $ 118.

Collage of three budget fashion clothes.

Shop Byrnie for high fashion at low prices.

3. A practical pair of boots

Boot style comes and goes with the season. Remember boot socks? It was very hot in 2018 and now, well, the style looks dated.

Let it be a caution: if you invest in boots when shopping for January sales, choose a classic riding boot style. You can wear them for the rest of the winter months and still feel good about slipping them next fall.

Black long boots are on sale in January from Sex of the Fifth.

These black boots from Penelope have that classic styling, and a heel for some edges. The best part? They are waterproof. Don’t compromise on your appearance to keep those toes dry – Oops!

Price $ 100, discount from 200. These kids sizes are selling fast so if you love them you need to act fast.

4. A sparkly top

Why is your splendor limited by nature during the holiday season? Express your love for everything shiny and shiny throughout the year. Any time can be your brightest time.

Also, shiny clothes are easy to find for sale this month. The idea of ​​retailers is that we’ve worked with sequins since the NYE, but what do they know?

Green shutter button-down blouses are on sale at Nordstrom.

The Jeannie Mai X INC sheer sequin shirt is a great example. At the top is an eye-catching combo of rich greens and sequins. Pull it into a pair of smooth jeans, slip it under a blazer or wear it instead of your usual white tee. You will like how it gives a more fashionable twist to each outfit. Or, if you prefer something more delicate, there is also a cream version.

You can get this top in your closet marked below $ 55, $ 109.

5. A fashion-forward sweater

If your usual sweaters are more practical and straightforward, January is the perfect time to try something out of your comfort zone. Look for darker textures instead of bright colors (which might make a sweater look inappropriate).

Everlane's Cloud Turtleneck wants Heatherd.

Something like this fits in nicely with Everlane’s Cloud Turtleneck Bill. A drop shoulder and heavy ribbing at the cuffs, hemline and neckline distinguish the sweater from the same-old, same-old. You can wear it to work with a structured skinny pants under a long blazer. However it is warm and comfortable enough to wear with jeans on weekends.

Get it now at $ 75 from Everlane, marked below $ 150

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