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In honor of World Wildlife Day (March 3), let’s talk about animal prints! Animal print is an element of high-risk, high-reward style. A leopard spot or tiger stripe To be able to Amazing to look at, sharp, and glamorous. But then these prints can be cheap, flashy or even flashy. It’s a flattering-or-failing situation, and it can be scary.

Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that can protect you from major style missteps. Here are some things to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

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Wear animal prints Accessories

Immerse your toes in wildlife water by playing some cute animal print accessories. Scarves, bracelets, hairbands, handbags, socks and even shoes can all be starting points. See the gallery below for inspiration.

Collage of three budget fashion clothes.

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Don’t be too sexy

If you don’t usually feel comfortable wearing animal prints, you will feel self-conscious in a super-sexy animal print outfit. A tights or short skirt that can draw the wrong kind of attention even if you have spots or stripes if you know what I mean.

When you learn how animal impressions affect other people (and in particular, their reactions to you), lean towards the higher and sophisticated rather than the sexy and seductive. You can always increase the heat as you gain confidence.

Mix animal prints with soft fabrics and shapes

Balance is always an intelligent style technique, and this is especially true of animal prints. Soft fabrics and drapey silhouettes – try pairing flashy prints with soft knitted cardigans, comfortable cotton jeans, or a flowing blouse. As you can see in the Pinterest image below, the combination is dizzy, in a good way.

The bold, shaped skirt with the soft, modest-cut sweater looks incredible.

Do not pair inconsistent prints

Mixing prints is not usually for the unconscious heart. A mixture Animal print People around you may feel nauseous, along with other symptoms. It may well be done, but if you are reading this post, I guess you will not take this kind of risk.

Stick to an animal print outfit and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

ZiziDonna shows us here how to properly mix prints. The zebra top that matches the checked suit works for two reasons. First, the check is a small print, small enough to look gray from a distance. Second, the whole outfit is limited to three colors, black, white and gray. It’s interesting, balanced and eye-catching – without being overwhelming.

Pair of animal prints with solid neutral DO

When you first experiment with animal prints, associate them with neutrals. Start with black, white, beige and brown. These colors go smoothly with big-cat and snake prints. Once you’ve mastered those combos, you can work on extra pops of color through shoes or a fun handbag.

This combo is very wearable, although the coat is part of a bold statement.

Here is another simple animal print dress anyone can wear.

How great is this outfit? A white top (notice the slight cut), printed midi and those amazing orange shoes. This combo is correct because the print of the skirt is mostly white and not too bold.

Don’t wear glossy / shiny jewelry with animal prints

Only one statement piece is required for any outfit. Usually, the animal-print pieces that make up your statement – so you don’t even have to add crazy accessories to the mix.

Stick with plain cuffs, stud earrings and scented necklaces.

Pair DO with pink, red or orange

When you’re ready to experiment, start with soft pink, red, and orange. These colors (in small quantities) can play a fantastic role in the dress of an animal.

Don’t worry about your age

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young or too old to wear animal prints. Any woman of any age can pull off this style element with confidence. A fashionista with a youthful style can combine a lively animal print skirt with a moto jacket and sneakers, for example. Fashionistas who are feeling more sophisticated may prefer a zebra print blouse under a blazer with a mule. Anyone in their 20s or 70s can wear any of these outfits.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how you wear a tiger, zebra, snake, leopard or cheetah print – unless you feel great about it. I hope that what you will take from this post is the confidence to test. This is the first and most important step in mastering the art of animal imprinting.

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