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Spring is a great time of year to refresh Everything. It is customary to bring a new one with a broom – and this also applies to your clothes! After all, you’re probably ready to retire and take a light, new spring handbag for 2022.

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First, let’s take a brief look at the spring purse trends. Here are five hot styles for spring, 2022:

  • Pouch necklace
  • Fashion sports bag
  • Bold box purse
  • Crochet
  • Grip

Read on for the five purses for spring that are sure to further enhance your style game, as well as nine essential tips for buying your next bag.

1. Beautiful neck pouch

Handbag 1

If there is a baby in a belt bag and a mini bag, it will be a neck bag You can easily find woven or leather construction styles. Leather bags have a Native American feel, while woven bags are more bohemian.

I like this gorgeous pouch for its heavy side stitching and round metal details on the front. It doesn’t hold much – your lucky crystal, a compact lip color, or your house key. However you can wear it around your neck so that it doubles as jewelry.

Get it for $ 25 from LovelyApothecaryShop’s Etsy store.

2. Sporty tote

Purple patterned sporty tote bag for spring from Under Armor.

A tote is an essential spring purse style if you will be spending more time adventuring outside. You need a place to keep your sunblock and eye wear, right? The “favorite tote bag” under Armor is a good candidate. This handbag is light, sturdy, waterproof and – importantly – beautiful. The price is also right, at $ 35.

Collage of three budget fashion clothes.

Shop Byrnie for high fashion at low prices.

Arrive for this tote when you go to the gym or you need a big bag that will add pizza to your look. 12.4 inches deep and 18.7 inches long, you can hold all your essentials and then some. The strap is a medium length, long enough to be worn on your shoulders and short enough to hold in your hand.

3. Spring statement purse

Every girl needs at least one serious bold handbag to add an unexpected splash of color to the beautiful spring dress, basic jeans, and white tee – all the staples of your spring outfit.

Hot pick handbag with resin chain detail.

Ethnic’s hot pink mini tote easily fits the statement bill. The color and resin chain details, combined with a gold link, create a lively and fun accessory.

It is a medium sized bag measuring 8 inches deep and 6.5 inches wide. You can hold the bag by straps or chains – but I like the look of the chain hanging down on the bag.

Sell ​​this bag at $ 60 marked from the original price tag of $ 75

4. The beauty of the soil

Keep things sweet and simple with a little help from this charming crochet bucket bag priced at ba 44 at Popbae.

Blue and cream woven bag with bamboo handle.

The compact silhouette makes this bucket bag a practical option – for example, it folds easily into your weekend bag. This spring purse measures about 11 inches by 10 inches. You can easily hide your phone, keys and your small wallet inside.

Beautiful blue floral patterns will perfectly complement your spring outfits and jumpsuits, especially those with dark colors or neutral patterns.

5. Clutch

The clutch is a classic choice for your formal occasion. This season, the clutches are also running casually.

Model holding a knitted clutch bag with side details.

Lulu’s Shining Sun Tan Woven Clutch is the perfect spring and summer part to complement your casual attire. Travel with it or carry it on days off It’s light and airy, but attractive enough to hold it in contrast to a bright blouse over a summer dress or jeans of your choice.

Make this knitted clutch for $ 39

9 tips to buy a purse for spring

Here are nine steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Use them to check budget brand purses or designer pieces. If you shop online, verify that your retailer offers a free return. That way, once it’s sent to you, you can go through the nine-point test, but send it back if you need to.

Especially for leather bags:

  • The smell of purse. The skin has a distinctive, slightly playful odor. If the bag you are shopping has no odor or smells like plastic, then it is probably fake.
  • Check the oil. Rub your finger on your skin or hair and then rub on the skin of the purse. If it leaves a scar or a streak, it is not standard skin and / or it has not been treated properly. Eliminates good skin oils.
  • Test the scratch. Gently scratch the surface of the bag. If the color of the scratch is different from the rest of the bag, it means that the skin has been dyed without being dyed. At some point, the paint will chip.

And for any bag:

  • Test the scratch. Scratch the surface of the hardware to see if it is real metal or painted metal. If it is painted, at some point it will chip.
  • Check the stitching. Gently pull the bag seams. Don’t sew? If so, imagine what would happen if you put all your belongings in there.
  • Put it on your shoulder. Is it comfortable or does it feel like it’s slipping off your shoulder? You’re not going to use an uncomfortable bag, no matter how beautiful it is.
  • Test the fit. Take everything out of your current bag and put it inside the bag under consideration. Is that correct? If not, you either need to get rid of some things in your bag (probably a good idea) or move on to the next candidate.
  • Check to see if it’s aligned. Lining on both handbags and clothing is a sign of high quality clothing – because it costs the manufacturer extra to add. In the case of handbags, the lining protects the leather of the bag from wearing the contents of your bag.
  • Keep ornaments to a minimum. One thing that can really date a bag is the use of ornaments like feathers or dated cloth (think stonewashed denim). Make sure the bag contains basic, neutral stitching and simple hardware.

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