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Vera Wang made herself famous with a shameless approach to style and luxury. Native New Yorker has a history of designing clothing that is simple – easy to choose, easy to wear and easy to buy.

Launched in the 2000s, the simple basis of the Vera Vera Wang collection was all that simple. The line was a boon for stylish designers and budget shoppers for Kohls.

Sadly, that seems to be the end of the day for Wang’s “simply” lineup. You can still find wearable styles – I’ll share a few below – but they lack personality.

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Don’t get me wrong. I like an easy-to-wear blouse with flattering dolmen sleeves. But today’s simply Vera collection is not as memorable as it was 10 years ago. Browse Kohl’s online styles and you’ll find that Mrs. Wang hasn’t seen this thing in ages. Maybe he has no idea that this thing has his name on it.

What’s wrong with Simply Vera?

From a practical point of view, piece selection is rare. Worse, the best styles are not well stocked. I was excited about a crop of pants, only to find one size, XXL short. Product reviews aren’t consistently good either – which tells me that product quality can suffer.

Collage of three budget fashion clothes.

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Pictures then and now

Below are two pictures from the 2011 Simply Vera Vera Wang Spring Collection.

And here’s a look at the 2022 Spring Collection for SVVW. It’s not exactly the same.

Vera is how to shop easily

If you love Kohls or Vera Wang and you have some patience then you can get good deals on simply Vera pieces. Here are the warnings:

  • Don’t just buy Vera, hoping for something other than the basics. Simple blouses, leggings and oversized sweaters. The dress and skirt are in a few and far.
  • Discount shopping. Clearance discounts can be impressive. My favorite crop pants are discounted from $ 44 to $ 14. You can often combine Kohl’s coupon codes to save more on already discounted items.
  • If you need Wang Fix, check out the home decor selection. Finding a part of your choice from home decor lineup vs. clothing collection can be easy.

What to wear from Simply Vera

1. Slipshirt

Simply Vera Vera Wang's slip shirt.

I just want this slipshirt to be a dress that you can wear outside. The lavender pattern would be a nice addition to my spring rotation. Alas, no. It is a light rayon which is very floating as clothing. I would say you can wear it as a top over leggings, but the wide sleeves scream, “Nightgown!”

2. Flower jacquard tea

A model wearing a simply black jacquard top.

This t-shirt can serve different occasions. Wear it with jeans to style your most casual days – it’s a great alternative to your favorite 5k finisher t-shirt, for example. You can also wear it under a blazer or cardigan or on top of a casual skirt.

The regular price is 36, which is steep for this piece. I’ll wait until it’s sold or, well, buy it with Kohl’s cash.

3. Patterned blouse

The model simply wears a patterned blouse by Vera.

This patterned blouse is a touch dresser compared to the Jacquard T, but equally versatile. It’s more beautiful than skinny jeans as it’s like the bottom floor of the office. The V-neck on the shoulders and the slightly curled ones provide some softness, which works well with the lightweight polyester material.

Choose from multiple colors and patterns from XS to XL. I like Mini Blossom and Lotus Pink the best.

4. High waist shorts

Simply Vera Vera Wang's high-waisted shorts.

Lightweight high-waisted shorts combine the feel of a skirt with the safety of shorts. Top the shorts with a talk-in tank or crop and show the waist of the paperbag over them – if you find one that is just above the shorts.

Kohl’s style is regular and in plus size, costing as little as 16.

5. Cropped jeans

Crop Jeans by Simply Vera.

Cropped jeans are a fun option for spring – when full jeans feel too hot but you are not ready for shorts. This style has a versatile and flattering straight leg and a conservative dark wash. All around, it’s a nice buy for a sale price of 30.

6. Jersey top with side fastening

Jersey top with side tie by simply Vera.

Here’s another part of upgrading your casual outfits. More feminine than a normal t-shirt, but just as comfortable, with a dolmen sleeve at the top and a side-tie ruching at the buttocks. The side-tie keeps the shape of the dress so you don’t have to bald or rearrange it all day long.

The regular price of $ 36 is expensive, but it is being sold for a more comfortable 25.

7. Red T-shirt

The model simply wears a Vera Wang red T-shirt.

Lots of upgraded t-shirts, right? I know I know. It goes back to my previous observation that there is simply a lack of width in the Vera Wang collection. All pants look the same and rarely have any clothing – which leaves us with tops. And the lines are heavy with casual tops. Ah well, at least some of them are pretty, aren’t they?

This red T-shirt is cut because it has a soft, feminine shape, light feeling and it is selling for $ 10. I bought at least a few T-shirts for that price each spring – so it could be next on my list.

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