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You all know I like to rent clothes. Provides a rental outfit that “new clothes to wear” buzz – without a messy toilet hangover or an empty bank account. So, when I heard there was a new rental subscription in town – Modern Mom Style Box – I signed up.

Not my first rental subscription

Pre-COVID, I subscribed to Le Tote and Haverdash. I switched to Haverdash because the price was lower than Le Tote and I want to compare the two services. I kept my Haverdash subscription until the first half of 2020. I didn’t go out much at that time, so I didn’t need extra clothes.

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When I heard of the Modern Mom style box, I was already thinking of relaunching Haverdash. But trying something new seemed like a better move, so here we are.

A modern mom’s style is size-inclusive, confident-inspired, and ready to tackle the world, whether in the boardroom or in the playground.

They are Clark, the modern mother style box

Modern Mother Style Box Review: TLDR

Here’s a quick download of Modern Mom Style Box and how it works:

  • Monthly fee $ 60. You can use my referral link to save $ 10 in your first month.
  • You choose your own clothes. This is not a personal buyer service like Stitch Fix. To get your first style box, you need to choose at least five outfits. You can mark items as “high priority” if you want to receive them quickly
  • You will find three garments in each box. Wear these once or five times. It doesn’t matter.
  • You don’t have to wash or dry anything – just return it when you’re done. If you still have five or more pieces saved, the Modern Mom style box sends another box.
  • Both ways of shipping are included.
  • If you want to keep your rented clothes, you can buy them at a discount.
  • The catalog is a nice mix of classic and trendy pieces.

Modern Mother Style Box vs. Competitors

Check out the table below for head-to-head comparisons of three great costume rental subscriptions, Le Tote, Haverdash, and Modern Mom Style Box.

Subscription Monthly price Box limit Each box included
Le Tot $ 59- $ 119 1 tot monthly Monthly 5-10 garments. Some plans also include 3-5 accessories.
Le Tot Unlimited 79 Unlimited 3 garments + 2 accessories or 4 garments.
Haverdash 59 Unlimited 3 garments.
Modern mother style box 60 Unlimited 3 garments.

As you can see, all three have a plan at মূল্য 59 or $ 60 per month price point. Le Tote’s cheapest plan limits you to one box a month with five outfits. Havardash and Modern Mom style boxes each offer unlimited boxes with three outfits.

Le Tote has more expensive plans that provide more clothing and, optionally, accessories.

My first style box

My first shipment from the Modern Mom Style Box included a boxy sweater, light wash jeans and a pair of suede, wide leg cropped pants. Everything fits as expected.

Katherine Brock wearing jeans and a sweater from the modern mother style box.

I immediately fell in love with the suede pants and decided to keep them at $ 53. I needed some casual casual bottoms that were prettier than jeans – these filled the gap in that outfit perfectly.

Catherine Brock is wearing a white crop top and wide leg cropped pants.

My strategy for selecting rental pieces

If you are not careful, renting clothes can cost you more. What could happen here. You choose a dress that you are dying to try. It comes and you realize that you need one more thing to create the perfect chic ensemble. Now you are looking for the right top or shoes or whatever on Amazon. Once you’ve made that purchase, you’re more likely to buy the piece you rented …

This is a shopping spiral. It gets expensive.

You can avoid that mess. Before storing a piece in your rental account, think about how it fits into your existing wardrobe. Ideally, your rental pieces should extend the versatility of the fabric you already own. This is how you maximize the value of your $ 60 monthly rental fee

Also, dresses and jumpsuits are great rentals because you only need to add shoes and a bag. For this reason, I would lean towards a more daring style for those pieces. This is a great opportunity to test without commitment.

To give you an idea of ​​the modern mom style box dress selection, here are the pieces I have saved:

  • Blue ankle pants
  • Short-sleeved cardigan
  • Floral short dress
  • Ribbed midi dress
  • Tie-waist jumpsuit
  • Pink crop jacket (I have one thing for the pink jacket)
  • Fuchsia shift dress
  • Beautiful blue pom pom sweater

Once I return the jeans and sweater from my first box, five of them will come to me. I didn’t set any as a high priority because I like the wonder of not knowing what’s in the box when I open it. 3

The story of the modern mother

They are clerks, writers The Problem of the Modern Mother: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers, Modern Mom established the style box in the second half of 2021. 20 years ago he had the idea of ​​a clothing rental service. At the time, she was fresh out of college and didn’t have much of a budget for work clothes.

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At the time, his colleagues laughed at his idea. Today, it is clear that Clark was ahead of his time. When it comes to fashion – especially for busy mothers – there are compelling reasons to rent more and buy less:

  1. Rent keeps your clothes fresh.
  2. Rent saves you money.
  3. Rent increases the lifespan of clothes and keeps garments out of the landfill.
  4. Rent saves you time. You do not have to wash or dry the wear piece. Just send them back dirty and let the modern mom style box handle it.

By a mother, for a mother

On the issue of time, I asked Clark to share some inspirational words for mothers who feel they don’t have time for style and personal care. Here is his advice:

Celebrate your milestones as a mother. Celebrate whether your baby slept through the night or your baby is using a fork now. We celebrate as our kids touch their developmental milestones, celebrate those small victories for yourself.

You can celebrate it by wearing a new dress, blowing your hair, painting your nails or eating cupcakes. Do what you feel is best.

They are Clark, the modern mother style box

Before I even heard of the Modern Mom Style Box, the dress was sold out. But I must say, I love to support a coworker mom and entrepreneur who is inspiring others and solving real life problems. If you want to try out the modern mom style box, use my referral link to save $ 10 in your first month.

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