10+ Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Ideas and Great Styling Tips

The infamous conflict between Millenials and Gen Z about skinny jeans will surely go down in history. Mom’s jeans don’t even have a high heel – they are considered old and frampy and most boomers hate to see them. So what do we have left? One thing all generations can agree on, a pair to rule them all – boyfriend jeans!

If you are looking for a comfortable and calm look, then a pair of high-waisted, slightly-fitting boyfriend jeans might be the go-to. But the beauty of this style of jeans is the versatility – you can decorate it in seconds. How do you do that? We’re going to show you all the little secrets of strong boyfriend jeans.

Despite their seemingly effortless look, boyfriend jeans can be challenging in style. If you are still not sure how to style boyfriend jeans, we have prepared 10+ ways to style boyfriend jeans, suitable for different styles, aesthetics and events. We will discuss in more detail what the boyfriend jeans are and the do’s and don’ts of wearing boyfriend jeans! By the time you finish this article, you will be able to style any and all boyfriend jeans!

What are boyfriend jeans and why are they so popular?

Girlfriends wearing boyfriend jeans

Borrowed from the boys, boyfriend Jean style looks slouchy and relaxed. Almost you grabbed a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans and went to the tailor for a personal fit. Male-inspired, but at the same time feminine, boyfriend jeans from the 80s, and Marilyn Monroe has never been afraid to show off in a pair of loose-fitting jeans.

Many other celebrities like Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon have starred in Baggy Look. Over the years, many different styles have been repeated, from a baggy grunge look to a slender and structured style.

The fashion trend has shifted away from the once adorable skinny supermodel look and transformed into Kardashian arbitrariness and Curvy F. Styles that compliment but still cover your curves are preferred. Boyfriend jeans have legs hanging down (so if your legs are short, make sure you are wearing heels like ankle boots) and leave plenty of space in the thigh area. They are ideal for women with big bums and curves.

Ever since General Jade Skinny completely denied the trend of jeans, more loose and oversized jeans have appeared on the shelves of clothing stores. One question remains – how do you create the perfect boyfriend jeans outfit? In the section below, you will find many ideas so that you can create an inspiring look in a few simple steps!

How To Make Perfect Boyfriend Jeans Outfit?

1. Minimalist boyfriend jeans dress with white t-shirt classic

White t-shirt classic

Simple white t-shirts and jeans, good old James Dean looks, can’t go out of style. This is one of the most straightforward boyfriend jeans outfit ideas to achieve. Pair it with sneakers (I recommend a pair of Converse in New Balance), and a leather jacket for the evening. This is an easily achievable plus-size boyfriend jeans outfit!

2. Dress high waist boyfriend jeans with a wrong fur sweatshirt

Jaful Women's Fashion Long Sleeve Lapel Half Zip Plain Fox For Sweatshirt Solid ...

I’m such a huge fan of this top. I love the fabric and the design. You can wear boyfriend jeans with this girl top and accentuate your waist. If you are like me and your waist is small but big thighs, then it is essential to wear clothes that do not cover your waist completely. I’m not saying take off your belly button. Do not cover it with a large jumper.

3. Boyfriend jeans and heel outfit with a pair of heel ankle boots

Pair of heel ankle boots

Heel ankle boots? Yes! Something to lengthen the legs. If you have short legs, chances are that some style of boyfriend jeans may not help, so pairing them with gorgeous ankle boots can make a difference. Of course, if you aim for a professional look, you can do the same with a pair of pumps!

4. A big boyfriend jean jacket with denim set boyfriend jeans dress

Saukiee Oversized Denim Jacket Painted Boyfriend Jean Coat Jeans Tracker Jacket ...

All of us must have a large size boyfriend jean jacket in our closets. But if you miss the 2012 Tumblr frenzy for this outfit, here’s a super cute I found on Amazon. Match denim with your boyfriend jeans, or grab a plain black pair of boyfriend jeans to get a consistent look. A graphic T-shirt goes under a coat or even under a bald turtleneck.

5. Boho Baby Kimono with Holiday Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Kimono for Boro

I recently looked in my closet, and I thought, am I missing any essentials? And I realized that cardigans are nowhere to be found and that they can be as expensive as clothing. With the right knitting pattern or color combination, they can break the monotony of any outfit. In the case of boyfriend jeans, this boho kimono jacket is perfect if you fit your jeans. Looking at it, it mentally takes me to the beach. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Yes!

6. Boyfriend jeans dress for summer with open toe sandals

Open the ankle sandals

Boyfriend jeans open toe sandals – the perfect wedding! Any strappy sandals will match your boyfriend’s jeans, but I personally prefer these ergonomically designed sandals with deep footbeds. If you have a flat foot (also called a pace plan or fallen arch), you know that middle arch support is essential for all your shoes. Give your feet the treatment they deserve and say goodbye to uncomfortable heels!

7. Smart-Casual Boyfriend Necessary Button-Down White Shirt with Jeans Outfit

Amazon Essential Women's Classic-Fit Long Sleeve Button Down Poplin Shirt, White, ...

If you are looking for a smart-casual look, you can match your boyfriend jeans with a button-down white shirt. Your boyfriend’s jeans will add the right amount of casual wear to an otherwise “appropriate” shirt so you can enjoy a romantic dinner in the summer or reunite with coworkers after work.

8. 90s boyfriend jeans dress with a tank top

Wildfox Women's Kylie Tank Top, Ruby, Medium

This year, crop tops, tank tops, and baby tees are all rage, you probably already know from our spring 2022 fashion trends article. You can’t go wrong showing off your waist somewhat this year, and what better way to do it than with your favorite crop top?

9. Winter boyfriend jeans outfit with a wrong fur coat

Allegra's Women's St. Patrick's Day Autumn Winter Cropped Jacket Notch Lapel Fox Fur ...

Boyfriend jeans aren’t summer exclusive – they can be paired with your favorite fox fur coat. If you haven’t yet, please allow me to recommend this flirtatious pink surprise. You need a turtleneck or bodysuit underneath and you’re set. However, you can also be inspired by our bodysuit dress ideas!

10. Baggy boyfriend jeans dress with a puffer jacket

KYL Women's Winter Puffer Jacket Long Sleeve Full-Zip Oversized Short Quilted Down ...

Don’t you want to look like that? Like a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans and a puffer jacket, “talk with your hands” doesn’t say anything. Not only will you feel warm, but you’ll look like a complete villain! Pair the jacket with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans (commonly known as ripped jeans) and make your fashion statement!

11. Dress French-style boyfriend jeans with a silk scarf

NUWEERIR Women's 100% Large Mulberry Silk Scarf Long Satin Scarf Fashion Designer ...

A colorful silk scarf can be the perfect accessory if you want to add some fun and class to your outfit. Elegant and feminine, this outfit never goes out of style. Whether you wear a blazer or a simple white T-shirt, a silk scarf adds sophistication to an otherwise casual look.

12. On-duty boyfriend wearing jeans with a blazer

Offenboy Women's Blazer Long Sleeve Open Front Casual Work Office Jacket Blazer

Yes, you can even wear jeans to work with your boyfriend (unless you need a uniform). All you need is a blazer to help you pull it off. I chose a lilac colored blazer, the “Very Perry” color, chosen as the color of 2022, just to make sure you’re following the current trend. Grab your favorite pump, and you’re ready to impress your colleagues!

Boyfriend jeans to do and do

Boyfriend jeans on a hanger

Much like other outfits, there are some things you should and should never do while wearing boyfriend jeans. Let’s cover the basics.


  • Don’t roll up your boyfriend’s jeans. It will make them look tidy.
  • Look for a tapered leg. If you are skinny, super straight-leg jeans can look very loose.
  • Test with wash. Different colored jeans can fit different types; If you have a curvy figure, go with a torn and loose fit.
  • Don’t bald your top. High waist is an essential aspect of boyfriend jeans. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise.


  • Don’t go crazy with a miserable boyfriend jeans. Showing excessive skin can be a no-no.
  • Don’t wear your boyfriend’s jeans. That’s not what the look is about.
  • Alternatively, don’t let your boyfriend wear jeans. Here is what will happen if they try.
  • Don’t wear knee-high boots over your boyfriend’s jeans. Believe me, it doesn’t look good.

What do any of your boyfriend jeans do? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

Before you go to sunset with your boyfriend jeans …

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